voov : food haiku

updated Tuesday 16th July 2019 GMT+1000

Back in 5th grade we got a weekend assignment from a substitute teacher to write haiku verses about food. The instructions weren't clear, or I wrote them down wrong, but I do remember at the time thinking it was asking a lot, to write one verse for every letter of the alphabet and each one to be about a different food.

The teacher never said it had to be human food, so I included some things I knew animals ate. She also never said there could only be one food per haiku, or that the haiku didn't have to start with the name of the food. So I messed up in a few ways.

The first haiku had to be written in class and shown to the teacher before we left so she could check we understood the assignment. She was freaked out by mine, for "apple", even though it was technically correct as a haiku. I was told to redo "A" but forgot, or maybe refused (haha).

   apple cut in fourths
   sweet juice dripping from knife blade
   crunchy apple, yum!

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