In 6th grade one time we had a creative writing assignment to compose a short story on the topic of "an uncomfortable situation". I wrote the bare minimum of five paragraphs because I'd left it to the last minute, and that incredible slackness (unusual for me at that age) was brought on by the irony of my extreme discomfort with the subject. I was a kid that got picked on and I didn't want to write from personal experience because I'd already been moderately beaten up a few times for thinly veiled references to my miserable victim status. Anyway, I wrote the Monday through Friday entries (of week 1) and submitted those as my "story", fully expecting to get a fail and a telling-off. To my astonishment I got 80% and praise for "succinctly portraying the subject" (total fluke), but was also advised I could have got a better mark for writing "just a little more". Haha, you reckon??

A couple of weeks after the assignment was marked and returned I decided to expand the story, just for my own amusement. It turned out to be one of those that "wrote itself", and I finished it in one session, though it took all day. It's a wonder my hand didn't cramp up and fall off... Couldn't do it now, that's for sure. Typing, yep, no problem; writing longhand, noooooo way.

There are many examples of awful grammar but the spelling is much better than I remembered. I haven't changed anything other than adding a little punctuation where meaning was unclear, and replacing underlined text with italics. I've split the narrative into weeks rather than have one entry per page (too short) or the whole lot on one page (much too long). Other than that, it's "as is" (plot holes and all).

Please read in chronological order. It's in diary format, and remember the author/narrative/protagonist is a child, the same age I was when I wrote it (11-and-not-quite-a-half years old). There is still scope to expand this composition, perhaps explaining what happened in the protagonist's past to make her the way she was... but to be honest, I'm scared of ruining it.

begin: week 1