the new girl - week 1

Monday 30th

There is a new girl in my French class. She's from Belgium so she already knows French but she doesn't speak English very well yet.

Tuesday 31st

I talked to the new girl today. Her name is Monique (she says it "merneek", I can call her Mer). She will sit next to me in History as well.

Wednesday 1st

Some of the boys made fun of Mer today because she didn't understand the options on the canteen menu. Mr B told them off but they were making retard noises at her again later. I gave her a hug but I was too scared of being picked on as well to stand up for her.

Thursday 2nd

Mer is really good at sports! She can run fast and knows all the exercises for the balance beam and parallel bars. She was getting cheered by everyone. I'm glad people are being nicer to her now.

Friday 3rd

The boys started to make fun of Mer again today but Lina stopped them, saying "She can run faster than all you lame-os so put a sock in it."

Saturday 4th

I went to Mer's house and met her mum and little sister Cassie. Her dad and two brothers were at the football. She has a nice room and lots of shoes!

Sunday 5th

This is the first day all week I haven't seen Mer! I miss her. I hope we will be be friends all year.

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