the new girl - week 2

Monday 6th

We have another new girl! Her name is Shana and she's tall with curly blonde hair. The silly boys are already calling her "angel" and making kissy noises at her. Yuck!!

Tuesday 7th

Mer and me had fun today on the History excursion. We finished our worksheets ages before everyone else because we didn't mess around and we both love History. My favourite part was the slideshow about the convicts building their own jail!!

Wednesday 8th

Shana is already in with the bully girls and Sarah was even mean to Kirsty and said they weren't friends anymore because Shana was "more fun". Even though Kirsty always picks on me on the bus I felt sorry for her today because Sarah made her cry in front of everyone!!

Thursday 9th

Sports was exhausting today!! We had to "jog" down the hill and back again. I can't run on pavement because I'm still getting over my broken ankle from last year - mum said so and I have a note!!! But Mrs E is so mean and kept pushing me in the back. Mer stayed with me the whole time so I wouldn't be on my own. She is so nice!! We were the last ones back (by a long time) and got told off but I don't care because Mer was with me. Mum wrote me another note "in no uncertain terms" that I was not allowed to do any running on hard surfaces. Take that Mrs E!!

Friday 10th

Kirsty was extra mean to me today. I spose because Sarah is still being mean to her. Kirsty grabbed my bag and started pulling stuff out. Of course nobody helped me. I think the bus driver even laughed. It made me late for roll call because I had to find all my things that Kirsty chucked everywhere. At least I had a nice lunch time with Mer - we sat on the grass next to the teachers carpark and drew pictures of cute bunnies!!

Saturday 11th

I wish I could've gone to Mer's house again like last week but we had to visit Aunty Laura in hospital.

Sunday 12th

I wrote a card for Kirsty that says "I know you don't like me but I am still sorry that you lost your best friend (Sarah). Please could you not pick on me every day? I know you are tough, you don't have to keep proving it!" and a smiley face sticker.

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