the new girl - week 3

Monday 13th

I gave Kirsty the card today when no-one was looking. She was surprised! She read it and said "Ok retard you get one day a week off, I guess that will be today since I wasn't on the bus this morning."

Mer said I was super brave to do that when I told her about it! And I got 23/25 for my History assignment so it was a good day today!

Tuesday 14th

A bad day!! Somehow Sarah got hold of the card I gave Kirsty and made fun of it and her and me in front of everyone, then tore it up. Kirsty punched me in the arm and it really hurt!! Then Shana threw a stick at me that almost hit me in the face! Mer wasn't at school today. I hope she is all right. Mum wouldn't let me call her.

Wednesday 15th

I have a big bruse where Kirsty punched me. Mum was very angry. I begged her not to say anything to school because it will just make it worse. Mer is back, she was at the dentist yesterday.

Thursday 16th

Sport was ok but Mrs E does not like the new note (about not running) and said mum shouldn't "molly coddle" me. Kirsty didn't do anything to me on the bus. Mer gave me some stickers of mice and flowers, they are so cute!!

Friday 17th

The tough boys are saying rude things about Shana so everyone got "a talking to" although I didn't understand what it was about. Mer understood even less! I drew her a picture of me and her at her house playing with bunnies, and she loved it!

Saturday 18th

Went to see Aunty Laura again. I was so bored but we had fish and chips in the park after so that made up for it.

Sunday 19th

It rained all day! We watched movies on DVD and had spaghetti bolonays for dinner.

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