the new girl - week 4

Monday 20th

Kirsty was on the bus this morning but she didn't even look at me. I felt weird, like I would feel better if she picked on me as usual? Mer agreed that was strange! Shana wasn't in today. Sarah got detention at lunchtime. It's still raining!

Tuesday 21st

Shana is leaving!!! That is the shortest time anyone has been in our class!! There are rumours about it but I don't care. Maybe Sarah will be friends with Kirsty again now?

Wednesday 22nd

Kirsty sat next to me in Science and I was scared she would wreck my work but she didn't do anything except borrow my ruler once.

Thursday 23rd

Kirsty sat with me on the bus in the morning and didn't do anything mean. Mer thinks she might want to be my friend? But that would be really weird if Kirsty was my friend. Kirsty has always picked on me, ever since 2nd grade. I would always be nervous she was going to do something to me.

Friday 24th

Sarah got lunch detention again and afterwards it looked like she'd been crying?!! I felt sorry for her but I didn't say anything or look at her when she was looking at me. Me and Mer got the same mark on the French test (22/25) so either I am suddenly a lot better or she made mistakes on purpose for some reason?

Saturday 25th

Mer came over and we played hairdresser (she has thick wavy brown hair, you can do lots with it) and mum made us pizza for lunch and dad told lame jokes that Mer didn't completely understand but oh well, she laughed anyway. Aunty Laura went home from hospital.

Sunday 26th

Dad went to see if Aunty Laura needed any shopping done. Mum made me try on all my clothes to see what still fits and what I need new ones of.

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