the new girl - week 5

Monday 27th

Kirsty sat next to me on the bus in the morning and even said hello!! I am still scared of her though.

Tuesday 28th

Mer told me she made new friends yesterday in Maths class: Annie and Christine. I'm glad people are talking to her now but still I was a bit jealous that she won't sit with me at lunch every day anymore.

Wednesday 29th

Hardly saw Mer at all except in class. She waved at me in the canteen but she was with Annie and Jane P so I didn't go over (but I waved back).

Thursday 30th

Sport was horrible! Mrs E made me cry by making fun of how I can't run (even before I broke my ankle). The boys all pushed me. Mer gave me a hug but I was too upset. Then I only got 18/25 for my English assignment so today was very bad.

Friday 1st

Mer went on the Geography excursion. Nobody talked to me today.

Saturday 2nd

Dad was in a really bad mood about my English assignment cos he helped me with it specially. Felt sad all day. Wasn't allowed to call Mer.

Sunday 3rd

Met Mer at the park and we practiced rollerskating. She is really good at it, she can even go backwards! Her mum took photos on a big camera.

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