the new girl - week 6

Monday 4th

Mr D said too many people mess around in Science so he made us sit with different people. Sarah was right behind me and I was so nervous I felt sick and could hardly concentrate. She didn't do anything but I could feel her looking at me.

Tuesday 5th

At lunch Mer came over with Annie and Christine and said she wanted them to be friends with me too because she didn't like to see me sitting on my own. I was really embarrassed!! But also really happy she hadn't forgotten me. They obviously didn't want to but they made an effort to please Mer I suppose.

Wednesday 6th

Kirsty sat in front of me on the bus this morning and passed me a note that said "I promise never to be mean to you again and I'm sorry I always called you a retard. You are nice." I was really shocked!!! Was it a trick? She didn't sign it or write her name on it although it is her handwriting that everybody recognises. I said "thank you" when we stood up to get off. I showed Mer and she said definitely I could be friends with Kirsty. I'm still not sure though.

Thursday 7th

Horrible sport again. Mrs E made me do netball that I'm hopeless at and everyone got mad at me for ruining the game. Some of the boys pushed me. Even Lina called me "useless" and she is usually nice to me even if she's not my friend. Mer was in the outside class doing athletics so I didn't have anyone standing up for me.

Friday 8th

Kirsty sat next to me this morning before roll call and said "If Sarah picks on you, tell me. I'll stop her." Then she walked away not waiting for me to say anything. Mer gave me a cute little notebook with a kitten on it and inside she wrote "Nobody was my friend when I first came here then I met you and you became my best friend. Even when I make new friends you are still my best friend." And lots of heart and flower stickers. I was so happy!!! I thanked her over and over and hugged her and we skipped around like bunnies and I don't care if anyone thought it was stupid. Mum was so happy for me too. I never had a friend as nice as Mer!

Saturday 9th

Nothing happened except dad dropped a jar on his foot and swore a lot!!

Sunday 10th

Working on my new History assignment about the Federation of Australia. Talked about it on the phone with Mer for about 10 minutes but it will be better in the library tomorrow.

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