the new girl - week 7

Monday 11th

Kirsty sat with me on the bus this morning. Annie and Jane P said hi to me in the canteen (I was so surprised I only squeaked when I tried to say hi back). I don't think Sarah was in today.

Tuesday 12th

Mer told me she is being put in a different History class because her English (speaking/understanding) is still "behind". We are both sad about this. Teachers are mean and stupid! If Mer is in the "slow" class how is she going to learn better English? And now I will have to sit on my own in History again, which means at the back where I can't see the board properly.

Wednesday 13th

There was a big storm last night and the tree in front of our house fell over on the road and smashed some cars. Dad said it's the council's fault for not pruning it more often. Everyone at school was talking about the storm and what it did, like George said there was so much rain his dad's shed collapst.

Mer sat with me at lunch and we drew bunnies splashing in puddles. I think bunnies are our favourite thing to draw.

Thursday 14th

No sports today because Mrs E is off sick. Instead we were in the library for "free reading" so Mer and me worked on the History assignment and whispered about Andrew's weird new haircut. Kirsty was on the afternoon bus and she smiled at me although she was sitting with the bully girls so I didn't smile back.

Friday 15th

We had a surprise test in French and I only got 6/10. Mer got 10/10 of course. I got 24/25 for my Science assignment which is the best mark I ever got from Mr D!! Christine said hi to me in the canteen and I said hi back.

Saturday 16th

Mer came over and we helped finish cleaning up the yard after the storm. It was messy but lots of fun.

Sunday 17th

I woke up feeling sick. Mum said to stay in bed. I might read something later.

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