the new girl - week 10

Monday 1st

Went to school but only for 2 hours so we could collect the work I have to catch up on. Lots of people said hi, like Christine and Annie, Jane P, Lina, Caris, Jody and Kay, but I didn't see Kirsty. Of course Mer gave me a hug, and some more stickers (bunnies and mushrooms with glitter on them), and said she would help me with all the assignments. Really tired when we got home so I had a nap until 3pm!

Tuesday 2nd

Went to school but only a half day. Aunty Laura drove me there and picked me up after. Kirsty said hello and asked how I was so we had An Actual Conversation!! It was so weird! Even with the note she gave me I'm still always expecting her to be mean any second. Very tired when I got home, another 4 hour nap!

Wednesday 3rd

Half day at school again, Aunty Laura driving. There was a surprise English test that they said I didn't have to do but it was only spelling so I did it anyway, got 10/10 because it's my best subject of course. Not as tired when I got home, only a 90 minute nap! And I caught up on all the History work (but not the assignment).

Thursday 4th

First full day back but I am excused from sports 'til the end of the term. Take that Mrs E!! Sat in the library and worked on the History assignment (it's overdue now but I have an extension). Mer and Jane P and Christine helped me all day carrying things so I didn't get too tired! Nice!!

Friday 5th

Last day of Aunty Laura driving me to and from school. I drew her a picture of her and her 2 cats to give her to say thank you.

Science was hard to understand because I haven't caught up on the work yet. Sarah was calling me a retard but I ignored her.

Saturday 6th

All I did today was catch up on schoolwork!!

Sunday 7th

Mer came over and helped me with the 3 assignments I hadn't finished (History, French and Social Studies) (even though she doesn't do Social Studies because of her unfluent English she is really clever at looking things up). Dad made us pancakes as a special treat! Mer really liked them!! (of course!)

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