the new girl - week 11

Monday 8th

Kirsty sat with me on the bus and ignored the bully girls who wanted her to sit with them instead, so I told her Sarah called me a retard on Friday but I ignored it. Kirsty said that was really good and I should do that as much as possible, but still to tell her if Sarah was mean.

I handed in my assignments - no more 'til next term! Mr D was understanding about me not having caught up on Science yet. Mer sat with me at lunch.

Tuesday 9th

Both the Janes said hello today!! Jane L has never even looked at me before! I was shocked!! But in a nice way. 4th grade had a cake stall at recess. Mer and me bought (each): 2 mini chocolate cupcakes, 2 toffee crisps, 1 banana slice and 1 apple slice. It's great how we like the same things! Dad liked the cupcakes!!

Wednesday 10th

Mum was crying this morning but wouldn't tell me why. Maybe she had a fight with her boss? But she was normal when I got home. She still wouldn't say why she was upset.

Kirsty sat with me on the bus both ways. Mer sat with me at recess and Annie and Christine sat with me at lunch (Mer was in the library) and we talked about where we go on holidays but they've been to lots more places than me.

Thursday 11th

No sport! Mrs E is so annoyed she can't push me around! Too bad for Mrs E. Sat in the library and read old copies of the school magazine.

Mer was one of 4 people in sports that got a certificate of proficiency!!

Sarah was making ugly faces at me in English but I ignored her. As long as she's not right next to me and not touching me or throwing things at me, I can ignore her!!

Friday 12th

Finally caught up on Science though I still don't understand all of it! Got 21/25 for my History assignment and 22/25 for French, which is really amazing! I never got more than 20 for a French assignment before! I think being around Mer who talks in French sometimes (without realising) helps!

Saturday 13th

We did a big tidy and clean of the whole house because it's the council cleanup next week. We put out 4 boxes of things we don't need anymore including 5 pairs of dad's old boots all with holes in them. Mum was teasing him about keeping them for so long.

Sunday 14th

Mum was upset again and dad went out and slammed the door. He never does that!! I get in trouble if I do that! I gave mum a hug and offered to make her a sandwich but she said she wanted to be on her own and I was a bit hurt and she won't say why she's upset but I guess if she had a fight with dad, that's why.

Tidied my room again even though it didn't need it.

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