the new girl - week 13

Monday 22nd

It was ok at school. Annie said hi at recess and gave me a piece of cake from her party and said I should come to her house one day after school (since we both live on the same street) and she's not mad at me and "it's okay". I said thank you. I tried to smile but I know it came out weird. Mer sat with me at recess and Kirsty sat with me at lunch and we played a word association game which was fun.

Tuesday 23rd

Maybe if I write smaller I can squeeze a few more days in before I need a new diary? Mum said she would find me the same type of notebook!

Annie's mum called her to say they want me to go over there so she is dropping in first to see what it's like in case there's anything that might bother me (like scary paintings) but she didn't tell Annie's mum that, just that she wantes to see where I'll be.

History was good, we had a surprise test and I got 9/10!! Sarah ignored me in English which is fine by me!

Wednesday 24th

Both Janes said hello again and Lina asked me to sit with her in Maths! It still feels strange to have so many people being nice to me but I'm starting to like it and not straight away be suspisious that they're trying to trick me. Mer gave me some more super cute stickers of mice.

Thursday 25th

School was really good! There were no tests at all and I understood everything without having to ask questions. Then I went to Annie's house which is 130 steps from the crossing. It's a really nice house, every room has carpet and every room has different coloured walls. But the kitchen has wooden floor tiles (?) and the bathroom has a slate floor. There is a deck at the back and they have 2 hammocks in the garden. Annie's dad has an old dog called Max. I patted him but he was too sleepy to get up.

I only stayed an hour (they have dinner earlier than we do) but it was nice, I felt like Annie really did want me to be there. Her mum said I could come over "any time" since we live so close. I remembered to say "thank you for having me".

Friday 26th

I told Mer about visiting Annie. She's happy that I had a nice time and felt comfortable. Sarah got lunch detention for tripping a 2nd grade girl who was carrying books for the librarian. I didn't feel sorry for Sarah today!!!

Saturday 27th

Went rollerskating in the big park with Mer. Then went with mum to buy new school shoes because my feet are growing all of a sudden!

And now this diary is full. Continued next notebook!

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